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Ortho Natural Latex Mattress

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Provides excellent ortho support with a luxurious sleeping experience.


Comfort :
 Medium Firm and Bouncy


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Our comfortable premium mattress to enjoy Nature


Are you looking for a comfortable luxury mattress for your daily sleep? Then Grassberry Premium Natural latex mattress is the best choice! With the hectic day-to-day work schedule and impurity building up day by day, we require the best mattress that can hold up their body tiredness while taking care of the environment. If you are progressing to replace your awkward mattress, the natural latex mattress will be the best choice to buy. We are transparent towards our manufacturing process which is a very hygienic and maintainable method; natural latex mattresses are surely the best sleeping surface for any kind of usage.


We conscientiously manufacture full latex mattresses with 100% pure organic materials to produce an effortless and high-quality durable mattress that is pleasant, enduring, and safe. Every mattress is hand-tailored, constructed, and packaged in our very own Grassberry. Our Premium Natural latex mattress is specially made for better performance and restorative sleep. It gives you more comfort and better relaxation throughout your sleep. Our Natural Latex Mattress is perfect for all age groups of people, particularly kids, the aged people, and below weight as well as over-weighted people, to get relief from the Orthopedic issues to stimulate peaceful and healthy sleep.


We do have two different types of natural latex mattresses at Grassberry. They are,

1. Dual Comfort Natural Latex Mattress     

2. Orthopedic Natural Latex Mattress


Our Natural latex mattress processed by using Dunlop pin core technology provides end-to-end support to the users, which is more resistant and free from dust, blemish, and stains, get rid of bad smells, and allergy fragments by using a Bamboo fabric outer cover.


Being organic in the environment, the natural latex mattress has resources like preserving the curve of the spine, extracting the excessive pressure on the body, and sustaining proper blood circulation during sleep. The Grassberry premium latex mattress has firm natural latex along with soft texture to provide outstanding comforts and brilliant support for your spine and body. Movement insulation, anti-dust deposit, and durability are other additional features we provide at Grassberry. It protects us from dust allergies and a hygienic environment to live.


The most important element of our Grassberry Premium mattress is 100% natural latex. We provide you with the best quality latex that will never contain any synthetic material or any kind of fillers. It is made through the energy coherent Dunlop pin core cooling technology process that furnishes you with the best sleeping surface available in the market.


Our Special features at Grassberry:


  • Comfort Level - We deliver the unique balance of Dual-sided and dual comfort with enhanced support for the spine. It delivers pressure points like the spinal, and shoulders grant for a pleasant and relaxed night's sleep.

  • Composition - It is made up of 100 % Natural Latex, which is a highly healthy and antiseptic material to sleep on. It is opposed to dust mites and bacteria without the use of any chemical substance. Outstanding air circulation is presumed by the organic structure of latex that admits to good durability resulting in a contentment sleeping humidity.

  • Technology - Every product of Grassberry has humidity Control Technology that keeps you Cool in Summers and Warm in Winter. This is attainable only because of natural latex-based properties.

  • Movement Isolation - This is our special feature corresponding with natural latex mattresses. Movement isolation is when a person rolls over or turns, motion on the parallel side of the bed is hardly visible. So, it makes a much more comfortable sleeping experience with fewer disturbances.

  • Persistence - Finally yet importantly, the natural latex mattresses at Grassberry are one of the long-lasting latex bed mattresses. If you decided to purchase the best mattress, it makes an economical perception to put money into a very long-lasting one.

  • Fabric Cover - 100% Natural bamboo top fabric with a Cotton side border makes this Dunlop latex mattress fully allergen-free to use.

  • Warranty - We provide you with 15 years Manufacturer's warranty to make use of this warranty, have your purchase invoice and warranty card.


Grassberry Mattress provides the best Natural latex mattresses in India, buy our latex mattress online from home itself. We ensure our premium natural latex mattress with the best edge support and sagging-free feature, which is the most wanted attribute by our customers. We do customize every mattress as per our sleeper's requirement, with the full range of quality. Find the perfect natural latex mattress provider that fits your body and requirements to thrive towards your pleasant sleep.




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