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Dual Sided Medium Soft Pocketed Spring Mattress

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We have designed the best mattress for kids with the combination of OSCT Pocketed spring with HR foam, for providing better comfort for better relaxation your child deserves.


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Give your child a better night's sleep 


Do you have concerns about how you will provide the best for your child? Don't be concerned! Grassberry Kinder Fresh Mattress is here to offer comfortable sleep for your children. Specially designed with premium quality materials for offering the best comfortable sleep to your child's deserves. To choose the right mattress for your kid, you just have to think about the same factors you would look for when shopping for a mattress for yourself.


  • Choose the right size

  • Select the correct Support kind

  • Pick the extent of Comfort

  • Decide on a sturdy style


We always strive to offer our customers high-quality products with maximum comfort. Our Kinder Fresh Mattress is specially designed with Pocketed spring and HR(High Resilience) foam. Use of pocket spring will be more comfortable and provide all the support as well as ensure zero partner disturbance. HR foam offers a stable feel that gives long-lasting support to the mattress. The unique construction of this kids mattress ensures your child will sleep comfortably with lots of fun with playing and jumping on the mattress.


Grassberry kids mattress is available in as many size options as you might need. If your kid sleeps in a separate bed, choose a single-sized mattress. A double bed mattress will accommodate your growing child's requirements as well. When your kids share a bed with their siblings, you should consider a double or queen bed mattress.


The firmness of the mattress is essential while choosing a mattress for kids. A medium firm mattress is recommended for kids above twenty months for development and safety reasons. Because the right mix of softness and firmness is essential to offer a restful night’s sleep that leaves them fresh, and energetic the following day.


Our Kinder fresh mattress is designed to satisfy all your children's needs, that ensures your children will not be disturbed while they sleep; And provides a pleasant environment for them to sleep and play on. Despite being one of the best mattresses from Grassberry, this kids mattress is still more affordable than other mattresses.

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