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Dual sided Medium Soft Mattress

bed-icon-2-1.png   Starts From 3,924.

bed-icon-2-1.png   Free Shipping and Returns.



Dual Sided Medium Soft Pocketed Spring Mattress


bed-icon-2-1.png   Starts From 7,485.

bed-icon-2-1.png   Free Shipping and Returns.



Pocketed Spring Memory Foam Mattress


bed-icon-2-1.png   Starts From 8,782

bed-icon-2-1.png   Free Shipping and Returns.




Memory Foam Orthopedic Mattress

bed-icon-2-1.png   Starts From 5,753.

bed-icon-2-1.png   Free Shipping and Returns.




Doctor Orthopedic Mattress

bed-icon-2-1.png   Starts From 8,671.

bed-icon-2-1.png   Free Shipping and Returns.




Dual Comfort Natural Latex Mattress

bed-icon-2-1.png   Starts From 23,401.

bed-icon-2-1.png   Free Shipping and Returns.



Ortho Natural Latex Mattress


bed-icon-2-1.png   Starts From 23,401.

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Grassberry Mattress Like Mother 

 So you will Sleep Like a Baby…



Everybody desires a good satisfying sleep and Grassberry mattress is the best place to find your suitable mattress and that we let you fulfill your expectation to give the best mattress online in India. 92% of people agree that a comfortable mattress could be a dominant factor for a good night's sleep. Our mattresses aid in inducing a restful night's sleep every time. We've our Foam mattresses, Spring mattresses, and Natural latex mattresses, available in Orthopedic and dual comfort varieties.


Dual Comfort Mattresses


“As the name itself says, a dual comfort bed mattress comes with a double usable surface for better and more convenient sleep, this is why most people choose dual comfort mattresses over other mattresses. Each side has individual firmness where one side of the mattress is medium-firm and firm. As we are the best dual comfort mattress manufacturer in India, we provide dual comfort mattresses in foam and latex varieties.”


Orthopedic Mattresses


“Our Orthopedic Mattress has been reformed to give you targeted comfort and provides proper support to the joints. We used innovative and high-quality materials which we using to construct the orthopedic mattress. We do have two types in our Ortho Mattress that is Memory foam orthopedic mattress and Bonded foam orthopedic mattress.”


Bonded Foam Orthopedic -  Our ortho mattress is crafted with a combination of consist of bonded foam, memory foam, and HR foam to ensure that your spine is lined up and your whole body is propped up with strengthened comfort. When a person with back problems, the memory foam adjusts to the body and the Bonded foam layer realigns the spine.


Memory Foam Orthopedic Mattress - Our Memory Foam Orthopedic Mattress is one of the best orthopedic mattresses in India for the best back pain relief that gives complete comfort for your sleep. Using these open-cell memory foam will dissolute the body temperature faster, keeps you cool by dispersing heat from your body throughout the mattress.


Spring Mattress


“Grassberry provides the best comfortable spring mattress online, in which the mattress actively adjusts to your shape of the body for astonishing comfort. Our spring mattress is manufactured with 100% comfort and the best edge support and you no need to worry about the position of your sleep or your body type. Purchasing our pocket spring mattress is determined by your inclinations, but it is quite complicated in deciding which mattress to select, then go with your comfortable spring mattress which attains your comfort.  We have two special models of pocket spring mattresses which are manufactured based on the age group and their own comforts.”


Kinder Fresh - Our Kinder fresh mattress is specially manufactured for kids and children where they can play and enjoy our mattress as the playground. Specially designed with pocketed spring and HR foam.


Sweet sixteen - Our sweet sixteen mattress is made for all age groups of adults, where it is built with pocketed spring, memory foam, and HR foam.  This, memory foam pocket spring mattress gives you luxury feel for their comforts.


Latex Mattress


“We use 100% Natural Latex by using Dunlop pin core technology provides end-to-end support to the users to alleviate orthopedic problems to promote healthy sleep. Our Natural Latex Mattress is ideal for all sorts of people, especially children, the elderly, and light-weighted as well as heavy-weighted people. We do have two different types of natural latex mattresses at Grassberry.”


Dual comfort latex mattress - A pleasant sleep is an initial plan of buying the best mattress and you firmly obtain that with the dual comfort mattress. We deliver the unique balance of Dual-sided and dual comfort natural latex mattress with enhanced support for comfortable sleep.


Orthopedic latex mattress - Our orthopedic Natural latex mattress delivers pressure points as the spinal, and shoulders grant for a pleasant and relaxed night's sleep. We used firm natural latex along with soft texture to provide outstanding comforts and brilliant support for your spine and body.


Customized Mattress


“We strive to make it easy to get comfortable sleep by providing high quality products and an excellent customer experience. We also ensure our customers with the design and customize the product to meet your precise requirements. Often, companies provide only the custom-sized mattress as default, but here we will make you select or modify the core material layer of the mattress which attains your comfort. We customize every mattress to thrive towards your pleasant sleep with the full range of quality and comfort.”


Mattress Selector


“All are aware of physic which is very sensitive and keeping that in mind we developed every bed mattress with 100 % quality core components.  When sometimes you are not sure about the mattress that is perfect for your sleeping needs, then Grassberry is here to guide you by entering your age, weight, and back pain level into the mattress selector. It will analyze on your behalf of yourself to find the perfect mattress so, the only job of the customer to purchase is to get fixed with the budget of the mattress.”


Place order anywhere at anytime


“Buying a mattress can be tricky, especially if you don't know which mattress brand to buy or how to go about it. Then you will search for the best mattress in Chennai, Bangalore or Mumbai, but you don't have to worry about it, our website is like your near mattress shop. We provide free shipping all over India. Your time is precious, so simply place the order and get the safest delivery.”


“Sleep with Smile”





Frequently Asked Questions

What is an HR foam mattress?

Typically HR foam means High Resiliency, the ability to bounce back; With using HR foam the mattress supports your spine, neck, and shoulders, thereby providing everlasting comfort./p>

What is the difference between hr foam and memory foam mattresses?

HR foam can bounce back and is Higher responsive than memory foam. memory foam is softer than hr foam and can return to its original shape slowly after pressure is released. When it comes to offering support, both mattresses will deserve it.

What is the difference between Bonnell spring and pocketed spring?

Grassberry Pocketed spring is the special one as a result of it being created from OSCT (Optimized Spring Constant Technology). It is packed with individual springs which provide greater comfort to the mattress with Zero Partner Disturbances. The Bonnell spring itself is linked with other springs. It is a bit hard and contrary to Pocketed Springs.

What are the benefits of using a memory foam mattress?

You can benefit from our Grassberry memory foam mattress because it provides both comfort and orthopedic support. As a responsive layer, memory foam provides cushioning to the mattress and contributes significant pressure point relief.

Can you customize a mattress with a blend of foam and latex?

Yes, we do customize every mattress with the full range of quality and comfort. On Grassberry, we offer full natural latex in our mattresses, but if you prefer a blend of natural latex and foam, we also customize it for you.

What is Bonded foam and where it is used?

The Bonded foam has unique physical attributes, that are prepared from different foam pieces minced and combined. Bonded foam is mostly used in orthopedic mattresses for its firmness which gives you better comfort and relief from spinal back pain & inflammation.

Difference between Natural & Synthetic latex mattresses?

When you opt for buying a latex mattress considered checking the weight, and chemicals of the mattress. The natural latex mattress weighs 30% higher than the synthetic latex mattress and provides more health benefits than the synthetic one.



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