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The Role of Melatonin in Human Sleep - You Need to Know! Grassberry Mattress




Work stress is the foremost of all the reasons for wakefulness or Insomnia. As of now, the world is in a pandemic situation, so we are all more likely to do our work from home. Some of us don’t have that work either. It gives a lot of stress due to rising competition and leads us to depression, stress, and trauma. These all factors lead to sleep disorders. Ugh! This cycle is ferocious. We all have a piece of awareness about having quality sleep to get a healthy life. In this blog, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about the role of Melatonin to improve the sleep cycle.


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Melatonin is also known commonly as a sleep hormone. That Melatonin hormone plays a very important role in the body’s sleep-wake cycle as well as circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythms are mental, physical, and changes of behavior that follow a cycle of 24 hours. The production of Melatonin starts to increase with the darkness in the evening, which helps you to improve your sleep health and helps you to maintain your circadian rhythm.

Our human body is capable of producing enough Melatonin naturally. But, these days, due to lack of sleep, unhealthy sleep patterns, Continuous light sources, unhealthy diet intake, and drugs will decrease production. So, people are more likely interested in taking external sources of Melatonin, in the form of capsules or liquid. Studies have clearly shown that Melatonin can improve sleep.

What is Melatonin?

Melatonin is a hormone that is secreted by the pineal gland of the brain and then released into the blood. Light sources are one of the reasons that secretion stops. When the world is beginning to dark, it prompts the pineal gland to start secreting Melatonin. As a result, Melatonin promotes our circadian rhythm and helps to synchronize our sleep-wake cycle throughout the day. Doing all this, eases your sleep and promotes quality of est consistent.

For example, let’s imagine you are planning to sleep at 10 PM for the whole week from Monday to Saturday. Unfortunately, you skipped your 10 PM sleep on Wednesday. Even though you skipped, you felt sleepy at 10 PM. It happens anyway, because of Melatonin, which controls the sleep-wake cycle.

How Does Melatonin help The Sleep Cycle?

Melatonin always interacts with a human's circadian rhythm to send a message of sleep and wake signals to the human body. Melatonin levels start to rise when it the evening and increase in progress during the whole night. Rising Melatonin sends a sleep message to the human body. Likely, Melatonin levels also increase during the day but decrease in that progress during the day. The decreased level of Melatonin indicates a wake message to the body.

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Other health benefits of Melatonin:

Melatonin is not only helping the cycle of sleep but also has other organic health benefits.

1. It promotes the health of the eye 

During our sleep, our eyes get enough rest, Melatonin consists of some properties like antioxidants, that will help to improve your eye health. It also decreases the risk of eye diseases like Uveitis and Age-related Degeneration(AMD). Studies show that Melatonin is capable of curing diseases like Uveitis and Age-related Degeneration(AMD).

2. It Helps Treat seasonal Depression

Seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, affects at least 10% of individuals around the world each year. This happens throughout the onset of winter, because of changes within the circadian rhythm led by seasonal changes in light. As a result of Melatonin supporting the right functioning of the circadian rhythm, its usage could cut back the symptoms of Seasonal affective disorder, depression & stress.

3. It will increase The Secretion Of human growth hormone

Naturally created within the pituitary gland, the Human growth hormone, or HGH, plays a key role in metabolism, growth, and cell repair. It conjointly increases strength by enhancing muscle growth. A high level of human growth hormone makes it straightforward to live through injury and aches. analysis shows that there is an instantaneous relation between Melatonin and Human growth hormone. a rise in Melatonin levels additionally increases the human growth hormone.

Habits that can harm its production:

Below things are the major reasons to reduce the production of Melatonin.

1. Late-night sleeping:


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Human bodies start producing melatonin from approximately 7 PM each and every day, Then start producing aggressively from 9 PM. When you do not sleep once your body sends the signal, it leads to irreparable problems for the brain. You need to sleep and wake at the same time every day.

2. Excessive stress:

Stress may increase due to many reasons, which are not in our control. If you take your stress to bedtime, it will harm the production of melatonin.

3. Minimum daylight exposure:

If you do not get a reasonable amount or do not expose yourself to the natural light. To maintain the balance of our circadian rhythm to indicate sleep & wake, both daylight and dark are important.

Nutrient Deficiency:

Nutrients like potassium, omega-3, magnesium, vitamin-B6, vitamin D, and  Tryptophan help the production of melatonin hormone and try to make sure all these nutrients are in your diet.

To Increase Melatonin level Naturally:

  • Follow a proper diet that enriches nutrients like magnesium, and tryptophan which improves your melatonin hormone.
  • Do meditation before going to bed for 10 minutes at least. That helps you to calm your nerves and improves your melatonin hormone secretion.
  • Dim all the lights before the sleeping time. This would indicate your brain to sleep.
  • Maintain a sleep routine and follow it every single day, even on the weekend.



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