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Bonded Foam Mattress - Excellent Care For Your Spine

By: Sivapriya | March.03, 2023


In this busy world, maintaining good health and sound sleep are considered important things to have a healthy living. Good hygiene sleep is an important aspect to have healthy well-being. The mattress over which the sleeper sleeps plays a vital role in sleep hygiene. There are several mattresses available and picking the perfect one is a tedious task. People who suffer from back pain and are sensitive to allergies can opt for a Bonded foam orthopedic mattress.

Bonded foam mattresses  are generally made up of Polyurethane, a kind of PUF base layer that makes the mattress an orthopedic one. Here the polyurethane foam is glued together to make bonded foam layer. These glued layers form the bonded foam mattress into a stronger one. The high-pressure PUF scraps are also used as a base layer of the mattress that aids in keeping the shape of the bed for more time. These PUF scraps can also be used as a top layer of mattresses.

The bonded foam mattress is also called a rebonded foam mattress. The top layer of our bonded foam mattress is made from soft memory foam which is the comfort layer of the mattress. And the HR foam is also used to provide proper support to the mattress. The most supportive base layer of the bonded foam is responsible for delivering all the goodness the bonded foam orthopedic mattress can provide to the sleeper.

Bonded Raw Material
Bonded Raw Material


The bonded foam mattress is designed to provide the perfect support to the sleeper thereby enhancing better performance and speedy recovery. This orthopedic mattress not only gives greater comfort and relaxation to the sleeper but also prevents overheating than other mattresses. The PUF scraps foam layers used in bonded foam orthopedic mattresses provide perfect firmness and fit for all kinds of sleepers like side, stomach, and back sleepers. The top memory foam layer is soft and helps to relieve body pressure thus making it the best mattress for people suffering from back pain.

The Bonded foam orthopedic mattress has gained in popularity in recent years with the comfort and supports it provide to the sleeper. Some of the major benefits of the Grassberry Bonded Foam mattress are,

  • Material & size of the mattress
  • Support & comfort
  • Resistance to the motion transfer
  • Pain relieving properties
  • Protect from overheating
  • Allergen-Free
  • Material & size of the mattress

Material & Size of the Mattress

The Bonded foam orthopedic mattress is made up of bonding of foam layers (polyurethane foam). The polyurethane foam used in bonded foam mattresses is a highly resilient soft foam material that was quilted into top-notch quality foam. The size and thickness of the Bonded foam orthopedic mattress can be customized according to the requirements and choices of the sleeper.

Support & Comfort

This bonded foam mattress is marked for its excellent comfort level. The weight of the sleeper's body is equally distributed and increases the comfort level of the sleeper. The mattress tends to be adaptive to the sleeper's body heat and conforms according to the body shape of the sleeper. The Bonded foam orthopaedic mattress is considered far better than other types of foam mattresses in terms of comfort and support.

Resistance to the Motion Transfer

Traditional mattress tends to be bouncy due to the motion transfer as the sleeper moves over the mattress. One can feel the movement of the sleeper next to them, which results in interruption of the sleeper's sleep. Bonded foam orthopedic mattress resists the movement and motion transfer produced resulting in providing a better and sound sleeper to the user.

Pain Relieving Properties

The excellent pain-relieving and best mattress for back pain are a Bonded foam orthopedic mattress. The bonded foams used in the mattress can release the pressure from the body of the sleeper at the shoulder, back, hip and neck. This reduces the discomfort, aching of the sleeper, thereby giving the sleeper a pain-free sleep.

Protect from Overheating

The layers of foam used in our Grassberry Bonded foam mattress are breathable thereby it controls the sleeper temperature by distributing the overheating produced. The bonded orthopedic foam mattress tends to adjust the temperature according to the sleeper's body. This makes the sleeper have a comfortable sleep.


The bonded foam mattress resists thousands and thousands of dust, mites, and other allergy-causing particles that get accumulated in the mattress. The bonded mattress is not only the best option for the sleeper who has back pain, but it also suits a person who is sensitive to allergens.

Bonded foam mattress does not get saggy over time and are cheap when compared with other types of foam mattress. they are also weights heavy a sturdy making them durable over a long time. They were widely used as a base layer for many types of mattresses. As far as the aspect of body pain relief and orthopedic support, there is no replacement for a Bonded foam orthopedic mattress. Being orthopedic responsive, the bonded mattress can give the sleeper greater support by adjusting according to the body shape, curves, and spine shape.

The Bonded foam orthopedic mattress is preferred by people who suffer from body pain and is a better alternative to coir mattresses. It is considered a cheaper and more economical foam mattress. Don’t wait! Head over to the Grassberry Mattress and buy the best bonded orthopedic mattress. The mattress can be customized in size and even layers according to the taste and requirement of the sleeper.


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