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Grassberry - Memory Foam Orthopedic Mattress

₹6,600.00 ₹13,750.00 52% Off
You Save ₹ 7150 on the MRP.


A Finest orthopedic mattress provides incredible back support to ease your neck and back pain.



Comfort : Medium Firm & Supportive



Perfect Orthopedic Mattress for Comfort & Support


Memory Foam Orthopedic Mattress
 is one of the finest orthopedic mattresses in India for the best back pain relief that gives complete comfort for your sleep. This is one of the disinfectant orthopedic mattresses at an affordable price which can also be used as a floor mattress and is made of the Best HR Foam and Memory Foam. With our memory foam Orthopedic Mattress, we are always looking for the best ways to have a 
quality of pleasant sleep


When your spinal card is misallocated or bent unnaturally or some other issues in your spine, you exploit with restless sleep and a painful back when you wake up. We keep this intent in mind and have worked with 
open cell memory foam cooling technologies
 to design the best orthopedic mattress that gives you good and deep sleep every night.


We make our orthopedic memory foam mattress with supportive HR foam (High Resiliency foam) and pressure-relieving memory foam which gives you the multiple features of 
progressive layer support
knitted fabric
outer cover
. Unlike other orthopedic bed mattresses, Grassberry orthopedic mattress uses open-cell memory foam Using these open-cell memory foam 
dissolute the body temperature
 faster. It takes out heat from your body, scatters it throughout the mattress to preserve your cool. It is medium-firm comfort with the best edging support. Can help 
support your lower back
maintain proper spinal alignment
, and 
reduce pressure point discomfort


Our extensive in-house consumer experts study thousands of customer testimonials which showed us how they recognize the mattress materials available in the market. The orthopedic mattress was the one viewed more novel technology, 
secure, and premium product
. For providing good comfort and a supportive sleeping experience to the customers, we highly designed this orthopedic memory foam mattress with twin-layered HR foam with different densities. A 
combination of 32 Density and 28 Density HR foam
 is used to reduce pressure point discomfort and this combination also gives proper support to your body, with this the top layer of soft memory foam 
delivers a comfortable sleeping experience.


We desire to make it easy to get great sleep by providing excellent products and an exceptional customer experience. We also ensure our customers with the design and do customize the product to 
meet your precise requirements
. Our orthopedic mattress 
can be customized as per the requirements
 of our customers and also customized based on the size of the bed. Our Orthopedic Memory foam mattress enhances your to stay perfectly aligned in every position throughout your sleep.



Grassberry Memory foam Mattress is the best orthopedic mattress for back pain relief specially constructed to support sleepers with maintaining spine alignment. We use the pressure-relieving memory foam to keep the natural curve of your spine; the firmer HR foam is a supportive base to promote good posture and maintain a pressure-free back.

You can benefit from our memory foam mattress because it provides both comfort and ortho support. As a responsive layer, memory foam provides cushioning to the mattress and contributes significant pressure point relief.

Usually, a memory foam mattress is most suitable for people below the age of 45, and also preferable for people who are facing back pain issues. When it comes to elderly people we suggested using our Bonded foam orthopedic mattresses to provide proper body support with back pain relief.

Memory foam is better when it is compared with HR foam. Because memory foam molds according to the shape of the body, you shall get rid of troubles like Back and Shoulder Pain.

Yes, Grassberry Orthopedic memory foam mattress for side sleepers will provide proper body support with comfortable sleep. Our memory foam mattress gives full-body support and ensures that side sleepers don't feel heavy pressure on their shoulders and hips.

We recommend you rotate the memory foam ortho mattress head-to-foot every three months, it helps you to keep the mattress being firmness and the comfort fillings evenly distributed.

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