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Grassberry Spine Care - Orthopedic Bonded Foam With Memory Foam Mattress -Free Mattress Protector

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High density (90kg/m3) Bonded foam mattress for optimal stability, recommended by ortho doctors to ease your pains, joints, and pressure points.


Mattress Feel : Firm and Supportive


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Mattress Material

  • Outer Cover Material : High GSM knitted fabric with removable and washable zipper cover was used in our Orthopedic Spine Care Mattress, to make sure the mattress is allergen-free.
  • Mattress core materials : Support sense of HR foam, Open cell Memory Foam, and the Ergo Tech Support System - Bonded Foam to relieve back pains.
  • Inner cover material : Eco Loft cotton fixed inner Cover to maintain a low temperature for a night of uninterrupted comfortable sleep.

Special Features

  • 10 years warranty : Covered against any sagging during the 10-years warranty period. However, some exclusions do apply.
  • 101 Night trial : Try for 101 nights, risk-free. If you don’t feel the difference, we will give you 100% cashback. Conditions apply!
  • Free shipping : GrassberryWe ship the Orthopedic spine care mattress to Your Doorstep without any delivery charges.
  • Cash on Delivery : We offering Cash on Delivery for our Spine care Mattress for customers’ comfort.
  • No cost EMI : You can buy the Orthopedic spine care mattress in Installment without any Interest cost.


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This Mattress is a life-changer for those who are suffering from back pain or any ortho issues. Because Grassberry Spine Care mattress is India’s first Eight-layered Orthopedic mattress. The design of the mattress is inspired medically with the combination of different foam layers. If a sleeper with back pain lays on it, the memory layer adapts to the body, and bonded foam layer aligns the spine. So, the sleeper will be able to see the back pain relief in practice.


Bonded foam typically possesses both firmness and sponginess, producing a unique physical property from foams that are shredded and bonded. So, it is commonly used by those who want a combination of comfort and support without going overboard. Using these bonded foams can help support your lower back, maintain proper spinal alignment, and reduce pressure point discomfort. 

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Perfect Firmness : High density bonded firmer layer aligns your spine while memory foam adapts it.

Guaranteed relief : The soft & firm combination of memory foam & bonded foam will adapt & align your body. So, relief from back pain is guaranteed.

No heat Generation : Memory foam's Open-cell structure and Cotton Inner cover, allow airflow through the mattress.

Sagging-free : Durable and firmer bonded foam helps to prevent the mattress from sagging.

How does Grassberry compare?

To compare mattresses, the Grassberry team uses our internal system to show our various mattresses and their features side-by-side so that you, as a customer, can determine which one suits you more and which one is ergonomically perfect for your sleep preferences.

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Risk-free, 101-night trial with free shipping & returns

Try us out for 101 nights. If you're not comfortable using it, we guarantee you will get your money back - a full refund.

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An Orthopedic Spine Mattress is a unique mattress along with a medically inspired design. Our ortho spine care mattress has Bonded foam in it, which is not present in any of the other Orthopedic Mattresses. The Ortho spine care Mattress itself is specially made for relieving aches, reducing pains, and sore joints while you sleep.

Our Orthopedic Spine Care memory foam Mattress was designed in such a way to support sleepers with back pain and maintains spine alignment. The Pockets of open-cell Memory foam which is filled with air helps spine alignment will make sure that you keep the natural curve of your spine, which maintains a pressure-free back and promotes good posture.

Grassberry Orthopedic Spine care Mattress is designed to last for about 10 years with proper handling and care.
An Orthopedic Spine care memory foam Mattress gives you better comfort and relief from spinal back pain & inflammation. Additionally, it helps you to improve your posture during sleep and decreases the possibility of waking due to pains and aches.
Grassberry spine care Mattress is expensive because of its unique construction and high-density Materials. Our Grassberry Orthopedic Mattresses may even use Open cell Memory, HR Foam, and the Bonded foam as an Ergo Tech supportive system.
The Bonded foam is firmer material that has unique physical attributes, which is prepared from different foam pieces minced and combined. Bonded foam is very durable and strong and also has comfort and support to our body. The bonded foam helps your body in the right way, and it does not harm your body in any way.
The layers of Orthopedic spine-care Mattress have Bonded foam, HR foam, Memory foam, Knitted fabric allergen shield zipper cover, 100% pure Cotton Inner cover, and the top and bottom layers of the mattress have the same high GSM knitted fabric material.
The Grassberry Orthopedic spine care memory foam mattress is Durable enough. Because, it has High Density and quality Materials, stays in the firm for many years and it is heavier, robust, and firm to take care of its structure for decades.
We recommend you to rotate the orthopedic spine care mattress head-to-foot every three months, it helps you to keep the mattress being firmness and the comfort fillings evenly distributed.

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