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Princess Soft - Microfiber Pillow

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Princess Soft - Microfiber Pillow

Most comfortable microfiber pillow for all types of sleepers and to accommodate all your sleep positions.

Material      : Microfiber

Pillow feel   : Soft and Comfortable

Size             : 22 x 15 x 6 in


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Princess Soft - Microfiber Pillow Princess Soft - Microfiber Pillow

Our Best Products For Your Better Night Sleep


Grassberry’s Princess soft - Microfiber Pillow is the most delicate, though it compresses when you lie your head on it. If you want something fluffier, then opt for this pillow. You can feel plush while also light and airy. In short, Our Princess soft- Microfiber pillow will be your perfect sleeping companion, which can be snuggled under your head. The Terry Cotton Fabric Outer Cover gives a soft hugging comfort and, it is Hypoallergenic. This Microfiber Pillow helps you sleep in comfort, awake refreshed. The 100% Pure Cotton Inner Cover makes it breathable, giving you a blissful and super cool experience.




  • Core Material   : Microfiber with breathable mesh making it your beloved pillow ready to be cuddled.
  • Outer cover      : Terry cotton fabric outer cover ensures softness.
  • Inner cover       : 100 % pure cotton fabric inner cover.
  • Color                 : Available in Milky white color to grab attention.
  • Huggable          : Our Princess soft recron pillow provides soft and comfortable feel for hugging.
  • Breathable        : Refined breathability through the pillow, which keeps you cool.




  • 6-months warranty   : Covered against any sagging, during six months of the warranty period. However, some exclusions do apply.
  • Free shipping            : We ship the Microfiber pillow to Your Doorstep without any delivery charges.
  • No cost EMI              : You can buy the Microfiber recron pillow in Installment without any Interest cost.

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