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Grassberry Sweet Sixteen - Pocketed Spring With Memory Foam Mattress

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Sweet sixteen mattress offers premium luxury sleep with zero partner disturbance to be comfortable for teenagers.


Mattress Feel :  Soft and Luxury


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Mattress Materials

  • Comfort Layer  :  Open cell Memory foam soft layer with medium soft High Resilience Foam.
  • Support Layer  :  OSCT Pocketed Spring with support sense of High Resilience Foam.
  • Cover Material  :  High GSM knitted Fabric Removable Zipper cover with 100 % pure Cotton fabric fixed Inner cover.

Special Features

  • 10 Years Warranty : Covered against any sagging during the 10-years warranty period. However, some exclusions do apply.
  • Free Shipping : We ship to Your Doorstep without any delivery charges.  
  • No Cost EMI : You can purchase this spring mattress in Installment without any Interest cost.
  • 10 Days Returns : Try for 10 days, risk-free. If you don’t feel the difference, we will give you 100% cashback. Conditions apply!


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Insomnia kind of thing and morning soreness is commonly faced by people between the age of 13 to 24 years, to overcome this, sweet sixteen spring mattress is specially designed for Teens. This mattress made designed with OSCT pocketed spring, Open-cell memory foam, and HR foam to offer you a peaceful sleep along with zero partner disturbance. The memory foam adapts to the shape of your body, and the pocket spring gives a tremendous amount of support that also promotes sound sleep.


Specified Design For Teens : By considering all the issues faced by teens, the mattress is made with pocketed springs.

Zero Partner Disturbance : One person’s movement will not affect others while sleeping on this pocket spring mattress.

No Heat Generation : Memory foam's Open-cell structure will allow airflow through the mattress to regulate the heat.

Best Back Support : In this OSCT pocket spring mattress you don't have to worry about back pain like faced on other spring mattresses and it promotes restful sleep.

How Does Grassberry Compare?

To compare mattresses, the Grassberry team uses our internal system to show our various mattresses and their features side-by-side so that you, as a customer, can determine which one suits you more and which one is ergonomically perfect for your sleep preferences.

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A single size bed mattress may be comfortable enough for your teen. It also depends on your Room size. If they share the bedroom with a sibling, then double or queen size bed mattress are the smart choices.
When it comes to Teenagers, a soft mattress is the good one, Sweet sixteen Pocketed Spring with Memory foam Mattress is the best choice because of its softness and comfortable level.
The pocket spring is packed individually but the Bonnell spring itself is connected with other springs. Bonnell spring is a bit hard in nature and unlike Bonnell springs, pocketed spring is much softer and luxurious.
Open-cell Memory foam consists of millions of small cells. The pockets of the open-cell are filled with air. The open cells allow air ventilation throughout the Mattress which helps to reduce the heat.
Pocketed Spring mattress is the best for zero partner disturbance. When sleeping on such a Mattress, the movement of one person doesn't affect the flow in any way to their partner, so that is called zero partner disturbance.
OSCT is an Optimized Spring Constant Technology Pocketed Spring. A Pocket spring Mattress has individual springs. Each sewn into its pocket of fabric. It helps to Avoids Motion Transfer.
We recommend that you rotate it head-to-foot every three months, It helps to keep the comfort fillings evenly distributed.

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