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  1. Neck Guard pillow

    Pillows with the perfect balance of support and comfort.

    As low as ₹2,045.00
  2. Natural Latex Plus Pillow
    Natural Latex Plus Pillow

    Pillows with the perfect balance of support and comfort.

    Special Price ₹2,710.00 MRP: ₹3,520.00
  3. Baby Soft - Memory Pillow
    Baby Soft - Memory Pillow

    Pillows with the perfect balance of support and comfort.

    Special Price ₹2,036.00 MRP: ₹2,645.00
  4. Princess Soft- Microfiber Pillow
    Princess Soft- Microfiber Pillow

    Most comfortable pillow for all types of sleepers and to accommodate all your sleep positions.

    Size: 22x15

    Material: MicroFiber

    Special Price ₹908.00 MRP: ₹1,179.00

How we did Pillows better

Best feelings ever

Airy, Cool, Weightless. Our bedding covers way more than just softness.

Made from mother nature

Using premium, natural, and eco-friendly materials feels better all around.

Little details, big difference

Thoughtful design throughout help you make the bed a little faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Replacing pillows every 2-3 years is good. Doing so helps to make sure that you're using pillows that are supportive, allergen-free, clean, and longevity.

Grassberry Neck guard pillows, either Memory Neck Guard or Latex Neck Guard support the neck and head to reduce your neck and shoulder pain by maintaining your natural 'S' curve of your spine. This helps upgrade your posture and regulates blood flow to the head for calming your neck and shoulder muscles. As we said, Neck Guard pillows are life changers for sure.

Grassberry pillows are made using high-quality materials such as Pure Natural latex and quality fibers that make a huge difference in support. And it comes with an excellent aesthetic look and different firmness levels so sleepers can choose the feel and support that's best for them.

Grassberry pillows are not recommended to wash. So, Use a pillow cover and wash it once or twice a month with gentle cleaning agents.

Yes, you can customize the sizes of Grassberry Pillows with the help of Custom Option.

Yes, We have Neck-guard pillows which act as Orthopedic pillows by supporting the neck and shoulder.

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