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Grassberry Ortho Latex - Natural Latex Orthopedic Mattress + Free Natural Latex Molded Pillow

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Provides excellent ortho support with a luxurious sleeping experience.


Comfort : Medium Firm and Bouncy

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Mattress Material

  • Comfort Layer  :  Bamboo Knitted fabric removable zipper cover for allergen free smooth surface. 
  • Support Layer  :  Dunlop technologized 100% pure Natural Latex medium firm feel on both sides offering ultimate back pain relief.
  • Cover Material  :  100 % pure cotton fixed Inner Cover.

Special Features

  • 15 Years Warranty : Covered against any sagging during the 15-years warranty period. However, some exclusions do apply.
  • Free Shipping :  We ship to Your Doorstep without any delivery charges.
  • No Cost EMI : You can buy the Ortho latex mattress in Installment without any Interest cost.
  • 10 Days Returns : Try for 10 days, risk-free. If you don’t feel the difference, we will give you 100% cashback. Conditions apply!


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The best mattress for you is one that is natural, premium, and luxurious for those people with back pain or other orthopedic issues, this ortho latex mattress is a real game-changer. If that is the case, then Grassberry Ortho Latex Mattress is the right mattress for you. Using 100% Natural Latex foam, this mattress is a top-notch choice.

Latex is nothing more than a sap-like substance obtained from rubber trees. Natural Latex mattresses are medium-firmer and bouncily, so they provide an ergonomically designed sleep environment. Since natural Latex is hypoallergenic, you cannot experience any allergic reaction. Therefore, the sleeper will be able to observe how the back pain is reduced in real-time.

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Firm & bouncy: Latex is typically a rubber material, therefore it is constantly bouncy and, due to its firmness level, offers ortho support.

Ortho Support: By using firmer Latex Foam to align the back that relieves pressure points and back pains.

Natural cooling : Latex permits you to experience a cooler night's sleep. Because of the pinholes in it.

Allergen-free : Breathable bamboo knitted fabric offering Anti-Microbial and Anti-Mites protection.

How Does Grassberry Compare?

To compare mattresses, the Grassberry team uses our internal system to show our various mattresses and their features side-by-side so that you, as a customer, can determine which one suits you more and which one is ergonomically perfect for your sleep preferences.

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Latex is a pure Natural Product and it is being procured from Rubber trees. Latex is freed from Chemicals and toxins therefore, It is Eco-friendly in nature.

Natural Latex is made from Rubber tree sap. Gently collect sap from the Rubber tree then purify and mold it, and finally is obtained Pure Natural Latex foam.

Grassberry Ortho Latex Mattress is one of the best mattresses for back pain. Because we use 6" of High-density firm latex in this ortho mattress, which gives comfortable enough to support your spine properly, without considering your sleep positions.
The gentle cushioning and floatable support of a Firm Natural Latex Mattress are generally beneficial for those who have joint and back pains. So, this firm Ortho Latex Mattress Relieves pain, it is hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, breathable, and durable.
Of course, Investing your Money in a latex mattress is definitely worth your time and every single penny. But, only if you choose a 100% Pure Natural Latex Mattress.
The Natural Latex mattress is one of the mattresses, which is more durable in the market right now. Grassberry Natural Latex provides enough comfort, bounciness, and flexibility for the long term to the users of latex mattresses.
Natural Latex Mattress is Expensive than other synthetic and blended Latex Mattresses. It is a Natural product that is Allergen-free and Eco-friendly.
Yes, Grassberry Natural Latex Mattresses are Natural and simply Recyclable. As a result of its 100% Natural Product, every element of the Mattress is safe for Recycling.
You may flip your Natural Latex mattress, but it is not necessary to do so. But we recommend you to rotate our Latex Mattress, head-to-foot every three months once, which will help to prevent pressure build-up on the mattress.

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