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Neck Guard pillow

Pillows with the perfect balance of support and comfort.

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Our Best Pillow for all your Needs

Constructed using 100% organic latex harvested from rubber trees, this pillow is not just durable, but is also safe for you and your skin. It is therapeutically supportive to your neck. Aloe vera treated fabric has natural healing and rejuvenating properties which helps the user to relieves and ease from any sort of neck pain. Added benefits? The pillow is naturally hypoallergenic and anti-microbial making it fit to be Snuggled daily and helps you stop waking up with a crick in your neck!


  • Refined breathability with enhanced air circulation via an airflow layer
  • Complete support to the neck
  • Made from Tetoron Cotton Micro Fabric to give that extra comfort with added breathability, soft touch, and easy washability
  • Size options: 24"x16"
  • Traveler's delight
  • Orthopedic pillow
  • Reversible bed pillows


  • 4 years warranty: Covered against any sagging during the 4-years warranty period. However, some exclusions do apply
  • Guarantee: CertiPUR-US certified is guaranteed to be free of chemicals and toxics that you really don't want to sleep with
  • FAQs: GrassBerry pillows are very different from the conventional pillows. So, to help you decide if GrassBerry could be right for you, please get in touch with our Customer Delight Team for any additional information
  • Usage Tips: Tear the plastic, unroll it and allow the pillow to open within a few hours to 48 hours to its original size and shape

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Pillow SIze 27"x17"


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If you are facing any neck issues or need to give excess support for your head and neck then you'll need a neck guard pillow.
Grassberry Latex Neck Guard pillow allows you to get nights of restful sleep with optimal support and cool breathability. Aloe vera fabric outer cover has been used to feel the extraordinary softness.
Grassberry Neck Guard pillows are available for up to 2 years warranty.
Latex Neck Guard Pillow - Natural Latex Pinholes provide excellent breathability and the Aloe vera fabric outer cover helps to feel the extraordinary softness.
Memory Neck Guard Pillow - Memory foam provides a balance of support and pressure relief. The Knitted fabric outer cover is used to feel Extra Comfortable.

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